Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sneak peak to bedroom "reno"

Ok, not REALLY a renovation since we are renting, but I am doing up the bedroom and this is the fabrics I've used. Since my eldest and youngest share a birthday in July they will also be sharing a bedroom come 23rd July and as a combined gift from us I am doing up their room. Its actually the same fabric and colour pallett I am using for Anya's party and to keep costs down I've used it in the bedroom makeover.

Fabrics are

- Cosmo Cricket, Snorkel RED and Aqua Polka Dots on White
- Michael Miller, Minnie Ta Dots, Red
- Simply Sweet, Quilt Soup, Barbara Jones, BJ Red dots on aqua
- Michael Miller, Ta Dots in ocean
- Couple of Monaluna, Mingle, Red and Aqua range fabrics

Now to hurry up and finish all my projects, two weeks to reveal day, eeeeeeek!


  1. Great colours. You've got a fantastic and stylish eye. Can't wait to see the end result

  2. thanx to you.. yes you.. for introducing red and blues together for a special person baby box.. they are just so pretty together, and with the fabrics above - you have done well, you have a eye for matching colours together.. should be an interior decorator.. and im looking forward to seeing the girls room!

  3. lol Leish, I actually studied interior design at Uni, didn't much care for the job IRL, too many "bitchy" people in the industry ;-)


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