Friday, August 24, 2012

Babushka and bright cakes

(August 2012)Two tier Babushka cake, top tier caramel mudcake with caramel buttercream and salted caramel glaze, bottom tier vanilla bean butter cake. This baby was HEAVY!! I had free reign to do this cake and had so much fun with the design. Bottom tier I used a lace ribbon and hand placed edible sugar pearls and sugar flowers to emboss the pattern.
3 tier birthday cake for my eldest daughter Anya. She wanted something bright and inspired by a peacock (without being obvious). Top tier choc sponge, middle tier white caramel mud and bottom tier foam :-) I was inspired by Blissfully Sweet's ruffle cakes and decided to give the ruffles a go on this design, actually wasn't that hard just very time consuming.
Contemporary Moroccan birthday cake set for a 50th. The client ( a very good friend of mine) is a ceramics artist who likes bright colours, I'd say this is classed as bright lol The pattern was hand drawn using edible markers, fondant and edible sugar pearls. It took me AGES to complete!!! :-)