Friday, September 11, 2009

How to make a fondant horse

My friend Nat (Dec 04 group) wants to have a pony party for her daughter's 5th birthday this year and was going to google how to make a fondant horse. Well I googled and there are no instructions for a horse. Sheep, mouse, pig and cow yes, horse, nup, so I wipped up this little guy this afternoon to show Nat some of the basics. Hopefully I've explained it properly. Firstly I use Orchard ready made fondant from the supermarket as homemade fondant is too sticky to sculpt with. You'll also need some brown colouring paste (not liquid) I've bought the Wilton brand, a kebab stick, piping tip, paint brush and ball tool.

Split your fondant into 6 balls, 1 large one for the body, a smaller one for the head, two for the legs and 2 for the arms. I've put a dessert spoon next to the balls to show scale. This topper will fit nicely on a 18cm/7 inch round cake.

Roll your legs into two sausage type shapes and use a sharp knife to mark the hooves. You could make a horseshoe out of grey fondant for each leg but I was feeling lazy.

Using your clean paintbrush and some water attach the legs to the body. The trick is not to handle the body parts too much or they loose their shape.

Do the same for the arms, attach to the body with a bit of water and stick a toothpick or a piece of raw spaghetti into the body to act as a support for the head.

Next cut a piece of white fondant with the back end of a piping tip and shape it into the snout of the horse. Attach with a bit of water and use the back of the piping tip to form its mouth. Use a kebab stick to make its mouth if you want the horse to look surprised.

Now use the kebab stick to make two holes in the horses snout to represent the nostrils.

Break off two small pieces of brown fondant and shape into cones. Flatten the cones with a ball tool on one end and squeeze the pointy tip to form the ears. Attach to head with a bit of water.

Take a few bits of fondant, make into thin sausages by rolling between your fingers to represent horse mane. Trim to fit the horses head and attach using some water. Use a toothpick to gently seperate the hair and position it on the head. Tweezers also is a good tool for this.

Viola, a sitting horse (easiest postion to make, and easiest postion to move without breaking) Leave to dry for about 48hrs, do not touch or move it while drying or it will loose its shape.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding of the year

Well Selina and Brad's wedding is over and I can have a little rest. Phew, what a busy week its been, baking, icing, sewing and more baking. Here is the lovely dress I got to wear on the big day, I was very pleased with how it turned out. My gorgeous dress was bought new from Ebay, Max Azria silk chiffon gown which I upstyled with vintage lace straps, mauve braid around the bustline and mauve and pink crystal beads and pearls on the bodice. It gave the dress a more vintage look to suit the wedding.

Close up of the mini cupcakes I baked. The mini cupcakes were vanilla sponge topped with white vanilla butter cream or cherry cream and topped off with a pink sugar rose, silver caucau and edible gitter.

Selina sent me some unpainted wooden dolls she had bought from Etsy and I used some Jo Sonja paint to re-create her lovely family. This cake topper was to go on the main wedding cake. Aren't they cute? If you aren't artistic or just plain lazy you can actually buy a custom made set from Etsy, but since we were on a budget and since I am not afraid of painting I decided to do them for her.

Here is the strawberry fondant with white choc hearts I made for the lolly buffet. I bought some mini heart silicon pans from a baking shop and first poured in the fondant, let it set and then poured over the cooled white chocolate. They were yummy!

100 minu cupcakes, they lasted all of 5 minutes lol

I apologise that the photo's are all over the place, still haven't worked out how to upload them in the order I want them to appear on my blog.

The completed wedding cake, triple layer caramel mudcake with vanilla butter cream icing topped with the wooden toppers and standing on a vintage crystal cake stand. I am a bit tired of caramel mud ;-) must bake something different next time.

Close up pic of my lovely dress, the flower and ribbon is actually a brooch that you can remove.