Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas and the last cake rush before the end of the year.

The last few weeks before Christmas is always a very busy time for me, final school year activities, High school exams, preparations for Christmas and final year cake orders. Here is a snippet of what was created in the last couple of weeks. A super cute, yet simple glamping cake for Lil's daughter who styled a Glamping party over at Lily Chic Events (photography by Lee Bird Photography)

I also created a watering can for Imara's grade 2 teacher who's a lovely, sweet Irish lady (hence the shamrocks in the mixed bunch of flowers). The main cake was strawberry buttercake, the rest all fondant/flower paste. It took FOREVER to make all the flowers (and you all know how much I loveeee making flowers lol). Hairy moment at the eleventh hour with the water spout, my original spout was made from rice crispy treats covered in fondant, it was too heavy (which I should have known since I made a similar cake a few years back with the same problem!). So after tearing the cake, making a big hole, having a heart attack, followed by a session of bashing my head against my kitchen table (its ceasar stone, ouch!) I redid the spout in styro covered in fondant. Viola, it was nice and light , but I did swear and worry while trying to fix the hole when fitting the spout. Needless to say Ms Maher was ecstatic with her gift and loved it.

By far one of my favourite cakes for 2014 was this handbag cake for my youngest daughter's prep teacher. I wanted something bright, cheery, fun and happy just like the teacher's personality I've never made a handbag cake before (raspberry buttercake) and loved the whole process with details. I think I went a bit nuts lol I was inspired by my own Kate Spade bag with a mix of Coco Chanel. I love the Tiffany colour (Coco Chanel... actually made a limited edition version) and was inspired by the scrap of fabric I found in my stash which I covered the cake board in. I also made a sugar Coco Chanel bracelet with no 63 locket (the teacher turned 29 but her colleagues keep telling the preps that she's actually 63 and uses youth cream to look fair and lovely lol). The look on the teacher's face  was priceless when she saw her cake, I've never had anyone go that crazy over a cake before lol She adored it, but now wants the actual bag for her 30th ! Better start saving up :-)

Last but not least a simple one tier fruit Christmas cake inspired by the original designs from  A Little Sweetness, I love Tasha's work so much I had to create another cake featuring her super cute birdy.
Thank you to all my lovely customers and supporters, have a wonderful Christmas and safe and happy new year xxx