Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas everyone, have a safe and wonderful time with your family. Here are two photo's to show how I have re-used Jasmine's birthday party elements. I am all for recycling ;-)




Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jasmine's Birdy birthday party

A little bird told me........... this is what inspired me to create my niece Jasmine's birthday party a few weeks ago. I love, LOVE Tasha's work from A little sweetness, this lady truly inspires me and I loved working with her gorgeous art to create my nieces party. It was perfect for what I had in mind for a 2 year old's birthday. Tasha sells all sorts of gorgeous goodies, but beware, once you are in her shop you won't be able to leave!!

My biggest dilema was that Jasmine's birthday is only 3 short days from Christmas, I wanted a birthday theme that could be used for Christmas (I wanted to re-use a lot of the birthday elements) without Jasmine's birthday being too "Christmassy". I uhmmed and ahhhed a lot over the colour scheme, should it be green and red, no I want pink and green, it drove me to distraction. After doing some "homework" I was inspired by Amy Atlas's Wedding library dessert table I love the soft colours Amy used and the feather details on the table. I chose pale blue, red, white and natural because I already had some of the bird elements at home and I felt the colours were nice and fresh for our hot Ozzy sun.

This is my favourite food item on the table, "chicks on sticks" inspired by Bakerella's Spring Chicken pops. Some other foods were "worms" (sausages), "crows feet" (choc covered pretzels), "twigs" (bread sticks), "Magpies" (Aussie mini pies), "bird nests" (mini meringue with malteser eggs) and "Polly's crackers" (Sesame cracker biccies)

Since the party would consist only of 6 children I didn't want a huge dessert table instead I opted for something smaller like the antique drawer unit, chair and stand combo above. It worked quite well I think, even thought I was very nervous the week before I kept thinking this is NOT going to work and nearly canned the whole idea about 3 times lol

I didn't have much time till the party so I bought my bird gingerbread cookies from Dolls at the mount, not only were they yummy but they looked cute too. I hung some bird cookies from the branches above the table and some I popped under the glass dome (to keep them fresh).

The birthday cake was inspired by the invitation designed by Tasha, a lovely chocolate buttercream sponge covered in white chocolate fondant. The bird and mushroom topper I made to match Tasha's bird drawing, isn't it cute? I love it! Instead of ribbon I covered the bottom of the cake with feathers.

The chidren drank "GOOSEberry" juice from vintage bottles with custom a little sweetness bottle lables and cute stripey straws.

How cute are these cupcakes, I've always loved Natasha Collins from Amelie's House and was inspired by her Rockin Robin cupcakes. The toppers are made from edible fondant paper (using Tasha's bird drawing) and the vanilla butttercream cupcakes are encased in Kat and Nat's famous bird cupcake wrappers (from The Cupcake wrapper co)

On the main table I popped a white tablecloth on which I attached a feather boa. The eating bowls were mini baskets (like nests) and I popped the bird house boxes inside which are treat boxes but also served as name place cards.

Above the table I suspended some bird garlands made from twine, scrap ribbon and cardboard birds painted in blue, white, red and some left natural.

I used bamboo cuttlery for the party and used Kikki K's VAR bird stamp to personalise the spoons. Napkins and plates from Provincial living, baskets and cuttlery from Wheel & Barrow

Here are my bird house treat boxes (inspired by Torie Jayne's gingerbread house) ready to go home with the party guests (see tutorial below) Each one is made using cardboard and fabric scraps I had lying around the house , bargain! You can also view my photo's on my FACEBOOK page.

Birdy house treat box tutorial

So for the birdy party I was after some super cute yet unique treat boxes, I didn't want to spend a lot of money and wanted something I could do with my children so I came up with this cute idea. I downloaded a birdy house template from Torie Jayne's blog (thanks Torie), made a carboard template and traced 6 box shapes (since I needed 6 treat boxes) (see above photo)

and drew 6 x seperate rooves.

Then I cut out all the boxes and rooves

and traced the same pattern on some scrap fabric to cover my walls and rooves.

laying the cardboard cutout flat against the fabric I glued down the top of the eaves and the walls, I left the sides open since I would be sewing them together anyway. I scored the floor (square you can see in the middle of my cardboard cutout above) lightly with some scissors so they would bend along the fold more easily.

I then glued some felt to each of my rooves.

Now fold the walls up so they meet and using blanket stitch sew them together (the raw fabric edges are folded in as you can see above)

Your house will now look like this, you can trim the fabric back on the inside but I left it for tutorial purposes, you won't see it anyway once the roof is in place.

Now cut out some black felt circles to stick on the front of your birdy house (as the hole) I blanket stitched around mine to make them neater.

Glue the circle on the front of the birdy house and glue one side of the roof down leaving the other end open. Once you've filled your house with treats you can close the roof by tying a ribbon around the house and roof (see my blogpost above to see what I mean)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Going to the Chapel to get married...............

This is a lovely sample wedding cake I did as a tester. Colours were ivory, creamy gold and pale pink with pearl highlights. I love the soft colours and simplicity of this design.
Here is a close up of the the rose, I can see the shimmer from the the pearl dust I used on the tips of the petals.

Here are some matching cupcakes to go with the cake, it was just a sample box of 6 flavours and I experimented with some of my new impression mats. The birds were hand cut and handpainted, still haven't found an appropriate cutter I like yet. The other designs were inspired by the lovely Kylie Lambert who's cupcakes are AMAZING.