Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yes you may contact me

I've been asked by several people how I can be contacted if they have any questions, the best way is via email
Oh and to answer another question, I am based in Melbourne.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Owl cupcakes

Oh how I LOVED making these, I had a blast experimenting with different patterns and embosing mats. I made this set of 6 cupcakes for Anya's yr 4 teacher as it was her birthday today. Three were vanilla buttercream sponge cupcakes and three were chocolate cupcakes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find an owl cutter online anywhere, well not one I liked so I made some sketches and created my owl "stencil" out of cardboard. It just meant more work for me as I hand cut each owl. The patterns on the owl were created using rubber stamps, embossing mats or coloured paste with water.
Since I was already busy making the above box of goodies I also created this tester box for a potential customer who is deciding on a Christening cake for her daughter. Once again the birdies were hand cut since I don't have a ready made cutter available. The white stiples on the owl was made using royal icing and a number 1 tip in an icing bag.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baboushka/Matryushka Doll cake

This week I was asked to make a Baboushka cake for a 4th birthday party and boy did I have fun making it! I baked a large rectangular white mudcake which I shaped into a doll and iced with vanilla buttercream and fondant. A garret frill cutter was used for the "broderie anglaise" frill on the apron and the name was painted on with edible paste colour, background stippled white polka dots. The rest of the cake was handpainted in floral and polkadot design.
I had a pretty nerve wracking moment when the edible transfer paper didn't want to co-operate while trying to trace the name onto the apron (paste was still too soft) so instead I had to scribe the name on before hand painting in the letters. My hands were shaking so badly I had to take a tea break before resuming the painting lol

Happy birthday Miss Parker

This week was Miss Parker's birthday (Annike's prep teacher) and the theme was birdies (red and aqua). The cupcake wrappers is from The cupcake wrapper co, ofcourse in birdie pattern ;-)
The cupcakes were made from butter vanilla sponge and iced in vanilla buttercream with fondant cake toppers. I used a birdie template to make the toppers and a letter press template to cut out the name. Each topper was then handpainted with food colouring paste.
Close up of one of the birdies, my inspiration came from Nievie-Pie cakes in the UK

Wedding canvas

I am so happy with how this canvas turned out, its a gift for a friend who was attending a wedding and wanted something a bit different. My brief was simply, I want a canvas with their name and wedding date on it, I had complete artistic license (yay) to paint what I wanted. I played around and thought of doing a silhoutte with the couples details painted at the bottom of the canvas, I quite like how simple and classy it looks (but don't be fooled as it was a lot of work ;-)) without looking overdone or kitch.