Saturday, September 17, 2011

Princess castle and In the night garden cakes

Sorry for being missing in action folks but its been one hectic month so far. I completed a wedding shoot with Lily Chic Events a few weeks back (I've shared the photos in the next post below), did some sample cakes for a big event in October, completed an In the Night garden themed cake and cookies, created an album cake + camera cupcakes (will show them at a later date when I get permission), completed a Princess castle cake, cupcakes, cookies and pops AND a super hero cake, cupcakes and cookies (can't show them yet) + prepped for a Christmas photo shoot coming up next week. Its enough to make me stress lol

Anyway, first up is this cute as a button castle cake, the design is from the lovely Debbie Brown as I have her book "Gorgeous and Gruesome". Its a 6" inch round triple stacked double choc cake with fudge choc buttercream icing and covered in white choc fondant.
This cake took me AGES to complete, I completely under estimated the time it would take to do all the small details, it simply took forever! It was however a super fun cake to make and I made it in the colours of the birthday girl Hanna's party which is red, white and pink.

Close up of the figurine, I was quite happy with how she turned out, I still need to improve my figurine limbs, they still look a little too "stiff" for my liking.

I also created these super cute matching princess pops. It is pink coconut ice covered in skin tone white chocolate and yellow chocolate hair. The nose, crown and lips is made from white choc fondant and the eyes from edible pen.

Then some matching mini raspberry compote cupcakes with fresh raspberry compote buttercream.

Mtaching cookies, I seriously need to do a piping class, I still struggle with piping to the point that I am getting scared to do it lol

In the night garden cookies I made last week.

Matching In the night garden birthday cake.

Hope you enjoyed the photo's, lots more to come so I'll post them as I get more time to do so.



Black & white TIME wedding shoot.

Another feature on the Amy Atlas website, wow! I was so happy to see our wedding photo shoot featured by the lovely Amy and her team, it always gives me a thrill to be featured. Thank you Amy and team :-))

A few weeks ago Lillian from Lily Chic Events and I put together this classy yet fun wedding shoot at the Woodlands Golf Club in Mordialloc. The theme was TIME with the colour pallette being back & white with pops of bright colour. Suzanna from Mon Tresor provided the gorgeous printables for the shoot.

Rose and strawberry meringue kisses

Chocolate and hazelnut wedding bon-bons

Zesty orange macarons with creamy orange filling

Gorgeous 3 tier wedding cake I designed for the shoot, I wanted something simple, elegant yet with a modern wow factor.

This gorgeous vintage button and brooch bouquet was supplied by Lillybuds Bespoke Button Bouquets and Brooch Bouquets, isn't it gorgeous? I love this piece and kept photographing it lol

Gorgeous flowers were arranged by Lillian herself (Lily Chic Events), Lil is one seriously talented lady who can do almost anything!

Here you can see Mon Tresors printables in action, isn't it lovely? Great job Suzanna ;-), all the crockery and party ware can be found in Lillian's shop called Shoppe with Lily.

Background fabric in the three frames on the wall is from Thea and Sami, LOVE their fabric!!

My Raspberry parfaits displayed on Lillians lovely lacy platter, I LOVE this platter from Shoppe with Lily

Remember how I was looking for black Japanese soup spoons recently? Well I could not for the life of me find any so popped the vanilla bean mousse on edible dark choc spoons instead. Yummy!

Some of the subtle hints at the TIME theme, cupcakes with clock toppers (all edible).

Black and white sugar cookies, some were embossed while others had edible prints on them.

I hope you enjoyed sharing some of the photo's we took of the wedding shoot.