Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baked Raspberry cheesecake

I've just completed this super yummy raspberry baked cheesecake topped with raspberry jelly sauce. The panels were made using white Nestle chocolate and flavoured raspberry and covered in dark chocolate swirls. It was a quick cake but I am still happy with how it turned out.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Double 60th birthday

This weekend I made 30 cupcakes for a double 60th birthday celebration, I was told the couple liked green and blue so came up with the following colour combo. Half the cupcakes are french vanilla and the other half double chocolate, all the toppers were made from fondant.
I made a custom stand to match since it gave me a good excuse to use some of my Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric ;-) I am quite happy with how they turned out, bright yet classy without being too "girly".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A baby gift for Pepper

This is something else I've been busy with this month, a cute baby set for my friend Selina who gave birth to Pepper a few weeks ago. Selina's favourite colour is pink and she loves polka dots so I thought I'd combine the two and came up with the cute bunting for Pepper's room (fabric from Cath Kidston, Tanya Whelan and the dress print fabric is from A little sweetness) Everything was placed in the suitcase (from Baby's got style) and I painted the name to make it more personal (tag on suitcase is also from A little Sweetness). The pants are from Oobi and I loved them so much I made a matching applique for a white T-shirt I bought from Target.
I also loved this teddy, she came from Bed, Bath and Table but was naked so I made her this cute polka dress. I love the homemade look of this teddy, pity more soft toys don't look like this.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Selina's cupcakes

Today I met up with some lovely Melbourne friends for a catch up, my friend Selina gave birth to her daughter Pepper about 10 weeks ago and I wanted to give her a little gift as celebration. Selina has mentioned on several occasions that Pepper can be quite "grumpy", so I thought the crying cupcakes would be appropriate. If anyone has the Planet cake book (by Paris Cutler) then you would have seen these cupcakes before, I love the different expressions and wanted to make a batch. Here is my efforts, I am quite happy with how they turned out.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last minute cheesecake

Just popping in to share this lovely cake I whipped up yesterday for a 24th birthday. I was asked for a plain New york baked cheescake but just could not help myself in decorating it. I've made this type of cake before (Nicholas's Holy Communion cake last month) and the person who requested this cake loved the colour combo and taste so I made a similar design. The chocolate collar is made from white Nestle chocolate and flavoured Jafa, the blossoms are just fondant. The cheesecake was topped with sour cream and orange zest topping, yummmm!
Ofcourse I had a fair bit of leftovers so I whipped up a batch of Orange and lemon zesty cupcakes with orange zest buttercream and used up the leftover blossoms.

Before I go, please visit Tasha at A little sweetness and wish her a happy birthday for your chance to win some lovely goodies (have a peek, its really lovely items).

Now I must be off to finish that wedding canvas I've been meaning to complete this week!

Have a fab weekend.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh my goodness!!!

Well blow me down with a feather! I've just found out that Anya's birthday dessert table was featured by Amy Atlas, squeeeeeeeeeeeel! I LOVE Amy Atlas's work so needless to say I cried when I saw the spread on her blog. Thank you Amy, you are the best xxxx

Dora birthday cake

Look what I completed today, this lovely Dora cake for a 3yr old girl called Rebecca. Its a double stacked Butter sponge cake filled with strawberry buttercream (yum!!) and covered in white chocolate fondant (flavoured strawberry). I have to say I love this cake, it was so much fun to make.
That doesn't mean there weren't a few hiccups on the way, no-sir-ee I had a heck of a time sculpting good-ole Dora. After 3 attempts I finally managed to get her right, you won't realise till you actually make her that she's got a BIG head, with funny shaped eyes and a funny mouth. In the end I started with her feet and made her legs then shorts then waist then neck before lastly making her head. Boots wasn't too bad to make, just his tail gave me grief (kept breaking).

This is the back of Dora, see, I even made her backpack lol

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Anya and Liandra's bedroom makeover

Finally a bit of sunshine meant I could take some photo's of the bedroom makeover, so here it is, ta-da....... Six months of collecting, buying and making items and this is the final result (please note that I rent, so I couldn't change any of the wall colours or make any structural changes) In the above photo you can see Liandra's bed (my youngest daughter), the quilt was made from various aqua and red fabrics from the fabulous Kerri at Sew Deerly Loved, while the quilt was handmade with love by fantastic Marcie at Got scraps (Marcie does the most AMAZING quilts, every detail is perfect, please visit her shop to see for yourself) The red polka dot canvas is just a white canvas with polka dot fabric stappled around the frame. The print on the back wall is from Belle and Boo, I LOVE their paintings.
Marcie also did matching/contrasting quilt for Anya's (my eldest) bed (seen above), isn't it beautiful? Both Anya and I love it to bits. The aqua and red crochet blankets and cusshions are from thecomfortsofhome, I love the colours and the homemade feel, they are also super warm and cosy, a must have here in winter. The fabric bunting, ribbon mobile, fabric letter A and felt birdies (ontop of the cupboard) was handmade by me. Wooden tree and cupboard were bought from Ebay.

This corner isn't finished yet as I am looking for a vintage drawer unit or perhaps a storage seat, but for now I've stolen a drawer set from my room. Print in the aqua frame is from the fabulously talented Tasha at a little sweetness, I've bought several items in the favourite dress range but alas its for another project (boo-hoo) The big print in the red frame is from The little Humbugs and I covered an old hatbox in spotty fabric to match.
The above photo is another angle of Liandra's bed, she LOVES the red birdie decals (removable) on her wall and every day runs inside her room to show them to me ;-)