Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last minute cheesecake

Just popping in to share this lovely cake I whipped up yesterday for a 24th birthday. I was asked for a plain New york baked cheescake but just could not help myself in decorating it. I've made this type of cake before (Nicholas's Holy Communion cake last month) and the person who requested this cake loved the colour combo and taste so I made a similar design. The chocolate collar is made from white Nestle chocolate and flavoured Jafa, the blossoms are just fondant. The cheesecake was topped with sour cream and orange zest topping, yummmm!
Ofcourse I had a fair bit of leftovers so I whipped up a batch of Orange and lemon zesty cupcakes with orange zest buttercream and used up the leftover blossoms.

Before I go, please visit Tasha at A little sweetness and wish her a happy birthday for your chance to win some lovely goodies (have a peek, its really lovely items).

Now I must be off to finish that wedding canvas I've been meaning to complete this week!

Have a fab weekend.



  1. just amazing! i love how you just 'whip up' these magnificent creations!!! i'd love to eat one up....or just stare at one in real life. i love the flowers on these and the colors are so pretty! your descriptions are not fair to listen to....they sound so delicious! i could go amazing. :)

  2. Looks stunning. I remember you said "never again" to cheesecakes. Are they getting easier?

  3. This is a baked one Kirsty, I will never again do a refrigerated one, they get too moist and sloppy, the cooked ones hold their shape well. Yes its getting easier, I can bake one in my sleep now lol I also make extra choc panels so if one breaks I don't have a cow ;-)