Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birdy house treat box tutorial

So for the birdy party I was after some super cute yet unique treat boxes, I didn't want to spend a lot of money and wanted something I could do with my children so I came up with this cute idea. I downloaded a birdy house template from Torie Jayne's blog (thanks Torie), made a carboard template and traced 6 box shapes (since I needed 6 treat boxes) (see above photo)

and drew 6 x seperate rooves.

Then I cut out all the boxes and rooves

and traced the same pattern on some scrap fabric to cover my walls and rooves.

laying the cardboard cutout flat against the fabric I glued down the top of the eaves and the walls, I left the sides open since I would be sewing them together anyway. I scored the floor (square you can see in the middle of my cardboard cutout above) lightly with some scissors so they would bend along the fold more easily.

I then glued some felt to each of my rooves.

Now fold the walls up so they meet and using blanket stitch sew them together (the raw fabric edges are folded in as you can see above)

Your house will now look like this, you can trim the fabric back on the inside but I left it for tutorial purposes, you won't see it anyway once the roof is in place.

Now cut out some black felt circles to stick on the front of your birdy house (as the hole) I blanket stitched around mine to make them neater.

Glue the circle on the front of the birdy house and glue one side of the roof down leaving the other end open. Once you've filled your house with treats you can close the roof by tying a ribbon around the house and roof (see my blogpost above to see what I mean)


  1. I love these!!! just saw them on Hostess with a Mostess,just gorgeous, what a beautiful party it was..

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments

  3. well done - really really nice :)
    and nice pics too of the party :)

    Betty Bake

  4. Love, love, love these! Thank you for such a thorough tutorial! (I came across these on the HWTM blog, btw!)

  5. Thanks for letting me share your idea Leoni! It is just lovely! Here's the post:

  6. Thank you Kim, I've followed the link and you've made it look even more beautiful. Am truly honored to appear on your blog, you've made my week, make that MONTH lol

  7. Posted your lovely tutorial today:

  8. Beautiful Leoni. It is so awesome to see you up on so many international blogs! Proud to see another Aussie Gal out there showing off her style. GORGEOUS gorgeous gorgeous stuff x

  9. Hi Leoni,
    I realize you did these several years ago now, but do you have the actual measurements for the sides, front/back, floor and roof by any chance? I printed out the template, but I am afraid my printer made everything smaller to fit on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of printer paper. I think your hand (in the photo) on the cardboard makes it look larger than my printout. These are so, so cute and I would really like to try and make one. Thanks so much! Your party must have been a great success!

  10. The floor of the box should be 9cm square. The hight of the back wall is 15cm all x 9cm wide and the side walls are 8cm tall by 9cm wide.

  11. Ciao Marta!!!!Bella la tua casina!!!Proverò a farla e per il momento mi complimento per il tuo tutorial e mi unisco ai tuoi sostenitori.Se passi dal mio blog mi farebbe tanto piacere.Un caro saluto e a presto!Patry

  12. I love these but I don't think I could ever make them. You make it look so easy! I wish I was a craftier person!

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