Friday, December 3, 2010

Going to the Chapel to get married...............

This is a lovely sample wedding cake I did as a tester. Colours were ivory, creamy gold and pale pink with pearl highlights. I love the soft colours and simplicity of this design.
Here is a close up of the the rose, I can see the shimmer from the the pearl dust I used on the tips of the petals.

Here are some matching cupcakes to go with the cake, it was just a sample box of 6 flavours and I experimented with some of my new impression mats. The birds were hand cut and handpainted, still haven't found an appropriate cutter I like yet. The other designs were inspired by the lovely Kylie Lambert who's cupcakes are AMAZING.


  1. You cakes look amazing. Makes my ladybird cake look a bit home made!

  2. Thanks Amber, but didn't you know that the homemade look is back in fashion? lol
    I sometimes just try too hard, have to learn to loosen up for 2011 ;-)

  3. LEoni that cake is beautiful - i love the flower on top and the cupcakes look too amazing to eat!!