Saturday, July 31, 2010

Anya's 10th birthday polka dot party

Phew, my very 1st lolly/dessert table is complete! I can finally kick back and appreciate all the hard work that went into Anya's polkadot party today. Six months of planning, collecting and crafting has paid off and the day was a huge success, its not every day my daughter bursts into tears because she's so happy ;-) Seeing her happy face made it all worth it. My inspiration as always, came from the fabulous AMY ATLAS (I LOVE her work!!) and Sharnel Dollar (amazingly talented lady!) Hats off to both these ladies for always pulling off the perfect party because it sure is hard work.
Most of the goodies were made by me with a lot of help from my girls, so its not perfect but I like it this way, we had fun doing those projects together.

The birthday cake was a 2 tier caramel fudge mudcake with caramel fudge buttercream icing.

My 1st macarons, don't think I'll be makng these again in a hurry, I found it very fidly lol My eldest wrote out all the label tags since my handwriting is BAD ;-)

These were made by Anya, we melted some white chocolate, coloured some blue and red and Anya piped the red and blue into a baking dish, then poured over the white chocolate and used a kebab stick to make some swirls. She then popped some smarties, peanut M&M's and sprinkles ontop to set. Once set we broke the chocolate into pieces.

We used some leftover fabric (sew deerly loved)to make these lolly bag tags, the girls then filled the bags with lollies and stapled the tag into place.

Another project I did with the girls, they piped blue chocolate into picnic spoons and then used various smarties and sprinkles to decorate the spoons. It went well with our polkadot theme.

These lovely vanilla cupcakes were entirely baked and decorated by my 10yr old daughter, I only helped mix the icing for her and she then piped it on the cupcakes and popped on the toppers. Cupcake wrappers are by The cupcake wrapper co, aren't they cute? They can be wiped clean and best of all they don't get greasy from icing mixtures. It was very hard work to pull together but everyone had a fab day.


  1. WOW! I am sure I've asked before, but please will you adopt me. You're a phenomenon.

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  2. lol Kirsty, it would be long distance adoption ;-)

  3. It sure looks perfect. What a gorgeous party, I bet they remember the memories of helping to make things with you just as much as the party.

    Did Kirsty say your a PhenoMUM.

  4. oh my goodness!! that is the most AMAZING birthday EVER!! i need you to come do my kiddos parties. :)

  5. leoni!! amazing, amazing! you are so very talented! i love how you made the goodie bag toppers with fabric....cute, cute. and the cake looks and sounds heavenly!

  6. I have just come across your blog, after seeing your party featured on Amy Atlas, congratulations. The party is fabulous. Your cakes are wonderful, I have just spent some time looking at them all.

    Katena :)

  7. Hi Leoni! Saw your part on Amy Atlas blog. Your party looks just adorable! What an amazing job you did. And your daughter is mini masterchef too! Glad you love our cupcake wrappers, we'd love to send you some.
    Kathy x

  8. Hi Leoni, I too have come across your blog via Amy Atlas. Wow I love this polka dot party - everything about it is great - the colour combo & the fact you made the sweets yourselves - sounds like you've got a talented little baker there. Look forward to seeing more parties.

  9. So cute! So glad I found your blog, I think we both LOVE doing parties!!! Hope u can check out my blog & give me some feedback, you're AMAZING!

  10. Hi,

    i love your table it looks adorable. can you please tell me how did u do the backdrop?

    thank you:)

  11. I just saw this on Amy Atlas' blog and had to come check out what else you've been up to! WOW you are so talented!

  12. Thank you everyone for your kind words, makes it all worth while ;-)

    The backdrop is made from 3 x canvases (the blank painting variety) I then covered them in blue fabric using my stapler gun. Was easy-peasy, you just need to buy canvases that fit your table. Hope that helps


  13. Hi Leoni

    LOVE your work! Just wondering where you got your glass candy jars from as I have been searching forever for them!



  14. I found you via Amy Atlas's blog, as well. Your daughter's party table turned out beautifully! Love the color combination and the polka dot theme. It's really wonderful. And your daughter's cupcakes - amazing! She pipes better than I do. ;) A few months ago I did a made-from-scratch dessert table for my twin girls' 5th birthday party. It was SO much fun (and so much work!), but not nearly as professional-looking as yours. :) Here's the link if you want to check it out:

    Congrats again on the Amy Atlas feature. Well done! xo, Dawn

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  16. Hi Leoni.... I just wanted to say - your dessert table is absolutely beautiful (plus I think it is gorgeous your daughter cried with happiness)!!! As a massive fan of polkadots and the aqua / cherry red combo, it just makes me happy to look at. Congratulations - Kate x

  17. Love the party decorations and themeing! Great work!

  18. Thanks everyone,
    Kelly the canisters/candy jars are from Provincial home living (they will be getting in some more stock in November) but you can also buy the medium sized jars from Target (bathroom section) and Spotlight.

  19. I just found your blog through Kate Landers. I must say, this party is an inspiration! I love how you got your daughters involved in making the food. This post is going in my file for parties when T gets old enough to help out. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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