Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hip hop Spotti dotti birthday invites

So all the invites (done by The English Pea)for my eldest 10th birthday party was handed out yesterday, no turning back now, come what may this party WILL happen. Theme will be aqua and red polka dots since Anya is now "too old" for fairy/princess parties, we will be playing games such as twister, musical dots, spot the difference and join the dots. I started prepping and collecting for this party in January since I knew it would take awhile to collect all the fabric and blue and red items required to decorate her party. I am quietly having a panic attack, but probably more so because I am simultaniously doing up her room as a surprise which will be "revealed" the week before the party, on her actual birthday. I need more time, but then again if 6 months isn't enough time to do her room and plan her party then no amount of time will be enough. So watch this space!


  1. i just hope im as exciting and do fun things for my boy as much as you do for your girls.. you are truly amazing.. we miss you in our mummies group of friends.. but look forward to seeing the photos from this party.. Anya is so lucky to have such a fun exciting mum.. 10 years old - happy birthday.. not alittle girl anymore!

  2. Just saw my invitation design on your blog. I LOVE this party theme and I LOVED how these invitations turned out. I would love to feature your party on my blog. I will message you and we will chat. It turned out darling! Hope Anya had a wonderful birthday!


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