Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Annike's Ballerina birthday cake

Happy 8th birthday to my daughter Annike. This year her birthday fell on Melbourne cup day so she was quite pleased that she had an extra long weekend to celebrate her special day. The theme for this years cake was ballerina, specifically it had to be 3 tiers (eep!) and be pastel colours. Since 3 tiers would probably feed a whole army I decided to make th top two tiers from foam dummies covered in fondant and just make the bottom tier the real cake (raspberry buttercake).
 I saw a ruffled cake design in Jacki's (From Blissfull Sweet) magazine, she made a similar ruffle cake for an autumn cake and I loved how she created her ruffles. I then mirrored the ruffles from the cake on the ballerina's tutu to make it look more "fluffy".
The ballerina figurine is a mix of styles, but the main idea came from one of Debbie Brown's cake books, I loved how she painted on the hair instead of using fondant.

Along with the cake I also decided to make some desserts like ruffle cookies, Oreo pops, ruffle cupcakes, home made marshmallows, coconut ice and glitter macarons. Some flowers from my neighbours garden, a painted drawer unit and viola I had a mini dessert table :-) Annike had a wonderful time unwrapping her presents and admiring all her sweet treats.


  1. Please can you show us how to make the ruffles? They look stunning!

  2. If I get some time I might do a tutorial on the ruffles, otherwise Youtube should have some tuts?

  3. Could u please give us a tutorial on the ruffles.I find that the hardest to do.

  4. OMG!
    You are the most talented person I have come across! I love this party!!!

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