Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October cakes and sweets, modern or vintage?

Well October is nearly gone and we are quickly speeding towards Christmas (although I'd like to pretend that Christmas is still AGES away lol). This is what I have been busy with cake wise (along with all the packing since we are about to move house for the gazillionth time this coming two weeks). One of my good friends from my school coffee group is celebrating her birthday today (31st October) and the brief for her cake choose :-) I love those kind of requests :-) Mind you I know Amanda well enough by now to know she likes modern, bright and funky so this year I decided to make her cake bright orange with pops of hot pink and teal. The flavour is orange and almond, a new version of an old recipe that I have in my stash and I must say I am in LOVE !! Sunglasses anyone?

A completely different style of cake that I made for Mel's nan (The Sweet Society) who was celebrating her 70th birthday today is this super adorable petite 3 tier vintage roses, blossoms and hydrangea cake. The entire cake was white mud, a favourite with everyone covered in white choc ganache and pale blue fondant. You all know how much I love making flowers (NOT!), but I actually had fun making these and they turned out pretty good in the end.

Then there was Branden's 1st birthday cake, cupcakes and cookies. The design is from Style Me Gorgeous (her shop has the whole printable package) and I just copied the cute design. How cute is the elephant with balloon?
I also created a simple vintage girly Christening cake, mind you I had sooooo much trouble with the buttercream! I was supposed to ice the cake in smooth buttercream, but after 3 failed attempts (I just could not get it smooth enough) I restrained myself from throwing the cake against the wall and covered it in pale pink fondant.
Then there was some super duper detailed wedding pops, cupcakes and cookies. I think my poor neck was permanently bent into a U-shape after I finished decorating these! The brief was vintage brooches and cameo's in white/pearl and pale grey. The pops were made from Oreo's then dipped in white or grey chocolate x 2 before being given a pearl sheen with some lustre dust.
My favourite was the tassle cupcake, mind you the tassle and diamonte button on the cupcake is not edible, it was purely for photographic purposes :-)
Anyway I better get back to my packing and I must design my soon to be 8 year old's birthday cake as it will be her birthday on the 6th November. I think I vaguely saw her draw a 3 tier birthday cake with lots of ruffles and heard her mention ballerina....!!  :-O


  1. Wow, Wow, Wow, Stunning amazing work :)
    ♥From Kerri@ Vintage Sew and So

  2. Stunning as usual. Good luck packing!! xx

  3. wow these are gorgeous! I love the wedding cupcakes- lovely colour scheme.

    Louise x

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