Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 3rd birthday Lucy!

What a gorgeous day to have a party in a park. Today we went to Wattle park to celebrate Lucy's 3rd birthday (Nic from my mother's group, her eldest daughter) and ofcourse I just HAD to make something for the birthday girl. The invitation did say no gifts required, but this is edible, so not really a gift ;-) A few days back I bought some plain white cupcake boxes from the internet as a trial, to see if my cupcakes would fit. Well they do, as you can see from the pic above.
I made 12 vanilla sponge cupcakes, 6 with cherry buttercream icing and the other 6 with vanilla buttercream icing. I had some left over fondant after making Imara's mermaid topper so made these cute roses, crowns, letters and pixies.

The pixies were fairly easy to make, one thing I did learn though, is to first start the "hair" at the back of the head next time, followed by the fringe and THEN do the side curly bits. These pixies have a little uhmmmm, bald spot at the back lol I used flower cutters to make their dresses and a template for the crown. I want to invest in some good number cutters (used a paper template for my number three and it was a bit fiddly to cut out), a clay extruder for the hair (mine is a toy plastic one ;-)) and more variety in flower cutters for the dresses.

I made these from Orchard fondant not modelling paste like I was taught in cake class because I find I don't like the taste of modelling or flower paste. I figure if its got to look nice and then it must taste nice too.


  1. You really are amazing.... I look at what you do and my mind boggles! I cant even bake a cupcake, let alone decorate as you do!
    I bet that Lucy loved them!

  2. That is unfreakingbelievable! You are amazing Leoni, I'm looking forward to when all of your littlies are at school and you have time to start a real business out of all of the stuff that you do. I'm picturing you on Oprah ;)

  3. I LOVE these Leoni, you are soo talented!!

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