Sunday, July 12, 2015

Liandra's 7th birthday party - Winter Woodland fox party

My youngest daughter recently turned 7 and asked for a Winter wonderland fox and deer woodland birthday party. Since her birthday falls on the 1st July (winter here in Ozz) I thought the theme was quite appropriate. Design based on the printables by The Pretty Paper Studio
The cake was a tall double barrel vanilla buttercake with edible fondant fox topper. Matching oreo fox and deer pops, and matching fox and deer chocolate cupcakes. Party was held at Little Kitchen on Lilian in Bulleen where the children decorated forest animal cookies.

I managed to find a fair amount of woodland fox party items (all from Woolworths) for the take home goody bag. It must be a popular trending theme :-) Needless to say my daughter loved her party.


  1. This Winter Woodland fox party is fantastic! You made her day so special even without much effort. I like themed parties but it is very hard for me to arrange that myself. So I always book the best birthday restaurants NYC for my family parties.

  2. This is so adorable Winter Woodland fox party. All the decoration looks amazing. You know I have also been thinking to organize such a cute party for my niece. All her previous birthdays have been celebrated at home but this time I would like to reserve some outdoor event space Chicago.

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