Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Scottie dog 6th birthday party

Last Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of creating this super cute dessert table for my 6 year old's birthday party. The idea came after I received the birthday outfit from Gymboree (Cheery all the way Scottie) range and saw how adorable the colours looked together as well as the cute Scottie dog which featured on the T-shirt. I quickly sketched a design, made a mock-up on Powerpoint and sent it to Amity Invites who created the colourful backdrop and printables for the party. I loved how all the colours worked together.
Next I drew and designed the cake, my daughter asked for a BIG cake with doggie topper and there had to be pink involved. The bottom tier was foam covered in fondant and the design reflected the backdrop stripes. The rest of the cake was Mocha walnut buttercake with the middle tier being black ruffles and the top tier sporting a pink edible dog collar with "silver"no 6 heart charm. I also made some matching Scottie dog biscuits, cupcakes, pops and macarons. Needless to say my daughter LOVED the table and declared it her best birthday ever :-)


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