Thursday, July 5, 2012

Imara's Florist birthday party

Way back in January 2012 we celebrated Imara's 5th birthday party, the theme "I want to be a florist". I wasn't able to share the photo's with anyone because the party would appear in the US magazine The Party Dress Magazine (see above photo to see the article in the magazine) . Thank you The Party Dress magazine for the feature :-) I've finally had some time to share some of the pictures taken by Enraptured Photography, aren't they gorgeous? Because Imara's birthday always tends to be hot (and this year was no exception) we usually have to hold it in doors. I was lucky enough that my dad handmade the gorgeous flower cart for this party while I cut and sewed the red and white canopy.

For the cake I decided to make the bottom tier out of foam to save time and to give the cake some height. The top tier was made from chocolate cake and shaped into a watering can and topped with sugar flowers. I struggled with the cake that week since we had 35 degree + heat that whole week and my icing wanted to melt :-( I am still very happy with how it all turned out in the end. The whole entire design and theme was based on the party paperware from WH Hostess, I purchased the entire party package from invite, to tags to thank you tags and water labels.

Since I did not have a very big budget I purchased the flowers from Aldi the day before th party and popped them in watering can "vases". Take home treats were flower cookies, choc bars, lolly pops and jelly beans in mini watering cans.


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  4. Hi I know this was a while ago but I'm thinking of doing this as my daughters 2nd birthday. How did you make the huge flower pom-poms on the roof? And where did you get the fabric for the table runner? How much fabric did you need?

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