Monday, July 4, 2011

Rapunzel-Tangled and flower fairy cake

First of all a big congratulations to Michelle Harding who won the Lily Chic Events Winter warmer giveaway. Enjoy your prizes Michelle :-)

Well another busy two weeks have passed as you can see from the photo's. July is a very busy month for our family as we have no less than 6 family birthdays to celebrate, 2 of those birthday belong to my youngest and eldest children. So lots of baking for me lol

The lovely cake above however went to a good friend of mine today, her daughter Lili is 5 today and since her own oven was out of action I volenteered to make the birthday cake as pressie. The design came from Debbie Brown's new book called Gorgeous & Gruesome, I love this book and have been itching to make a cake from it. This cake was called the flower fairy princess, I loved her flowing hair and all the gorgeous flowers sprinckled over the entire cake. It's not a massive cake, only 1 x 6' inch round on the bottom and 2 x 4' inch round cakes to make the tower. The majority of work went into the figurine and flowers and I loved how they turned out.

Here is a close up of the fairy, I am happy with how her face turned out.

This cake was made for my youngest daughter Liandra, she turned 3 on the 1st July and desperately wanted a Tangled/Rapunzel cake. I am not usually a fan of character cakes so opted to make the tower more like the fairytale rather than the movie.

Close up of Rapunzel..... yes, I even made Pascal ;-)

Liandra wanted Flynn Rider on the cake and since I was not keen to make the figurine I stuck an edible poster on the tree instead. Overall she was very happy with cake but she did ask me where Max was (I made his head with the intention of making a bush with his angry head sticking out, alas there was no room on the cake so his head became a cupcake topper instead lol)


  1. Wow...they are amazing...I am always in awe at this kind of skill...especially love the touch of all the flowers around the bottom of the dress.
    Glad to have found your blog xo Jo

  2. Is the tower a cake! How did you stack that so perfectly?! Wonderful job!

  3. Thank you ladies, yes the tower was a cake, 3 x 4" inch round cakes in fact. The trick is to make sure you either create the tower out of mudcake or in this case buttercake since the crumb is firmer than sponge. The 2nd trick is to bake the cakes the day before you need them, then proceed to ice them and then cover in fondant. Pop a cake dowel down the centre of all 3 cakes and leave to rest on its side till the next day. I then added Rapunzel and the rest of the decorations (with tower still lying on its side) and in the evening I fixed the tower upright and in place to the cake with 2 smaller dowels.

  4. Wow they are both so pretty, I'm sure you made two little birthday girls very happy!

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