Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to school party idea board

For those of you living in Australia, did you know its only 2.5 weeks to go till school starts again? Eeeeeek! I bet some of you can't wait! lol I've already started collecting items for my eldest two girls who will be in grade 5 and 1 respectively. Since my 3rd child's birthday is only 3 short days till D-day we've decided to have a back to school birthday party with apples as the focal point. Imara will be 4 in 2 weeks time and although she will be going to Kinder rather than big school I thought I'd encourage the enthusiasm for Kinder by having the school theme incorporated into her party.

I put this idea board together to start the creative juices flowing, image on the top left hand corner is from TomKat Studios, the one next to it (chair) is from remodelista, bottom right hand corner is from Amy Atlas while the rest were from Google image searches (author unknown). I've got a pretty good idea what I will be doing for her party but I am stuck on her cake, usually I have the cake sorted first and the party idea then follows but since its been hot and humid here in Melbourne its been very hard working with fondant. We've got some cool weather coming up early this week so I better think fast what I will be making so I can get the sugar work completed and it can dry in time. I am also stuck on some gift ideas, I've bought part of her gift (Penny Scallan lunch bag and matching drink bottle) but can't think what else to get her. Imara is Barbie mad but I am so OVER Barbie at the moment I'd prefer not to buy anymore of those, besides my sister in law has bought her another Barbie for her birthday.

I better start thinking a little harder before I run out of time!


  1. can't wait to see what you come up with Leoni, i'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  2. oooo I can't wait either!!! I hear you with the Barbie issue, Miss 6 in our house loves Barbie, whereas Mum would love another wooden dolls house...or wooden traditional toy..but Barbie!!!nooooo for Christmas we were asked for the "Boy Barbie" I don't think he is called Ken anymore!

  3. A back-to-school party sounds like a great idea! I wish you luck. Where are you planning to celebrate it?

  4. At home Lorie since I'll be doing a lot of homemade styling. I think people will look at me weirdly if I start carting my props to an outside venue lol


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