Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baked lemon cheescake for 40th and Babushka cake

I loved doing this cute mini Babushka cake, its actually a gift for a friend who loves Babuska dolls. Cake is just simple butter cake with toffee buttercream icing, nothing flash but I know its a safe bet that my friend will like it ;-) I handpainted all the details onto the fondant with edible paste and my cake paint brushes.
This weekend I completed yet another baked cheesecake, this time the flavour was lemon with lemon white choc panels. I loved the colour combination of yellow, pink and orange, very spring like. Time for a breather, I am bushed!


  1. my mouth started watering for that lemon cheesecake!!! both are always!! :)

  2. You're cakes are amazing.... as is everything else you make! So glad I found your blog!

  3. I just found you via an Amy Atlas post where she blogged about your perfect Back to School dessert table.

    Holy crap girl! You have some serious talent! Now I just decided to 'quickly' browse you blog and I can't stop! I am addicted to your beautiful work. Your cakes are O-mazing!

    And the Russian doll cake, holy moly! Just wow.

    Thanks for all your awesome posts!

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