Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kate Landers Competition runner up, woot woot

Wow, I just found out I was runner up to the Kate Landers Events party design comp I entered a few weeks ago, click HERE to see.
We had to write a party design plan for a vintage 1930's - 1960's children's party, no photo's or drawing allowed, just written design up to 15 pages. I had so much fun writing out my ideas, it took ages lol The winner will have her party styled and featured at Kate's blog while elements will be taken from the runner's up designs and incorporated into the main design (with full credits) Its a huge honor for me as I LOVE Kate Lander's parties, she does the most AMAZING work I've ever seen.

I will be doing a mini version of the design I submitted for Kate for Annike's birthday in November, the only catch is I won't be able to share anything on here untill Kate has styled the winning party. Boo hoo, the price you pay for fame ROFL ;-) I don't mind, I'll wait patiently.
Thank you Kate, I am completely stoked!


  1. I am so very, very excited for you. As I have said before I love your style and I am sure what you submitted is beautiful. You should be proud of yourself.



  2. Well done leoni - its good to see all your hard work being recognised. you really are superwoman with how much you achieve. xx Naz


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