Sunday, May 23, 2010

Emily's Christening

This is what I have been working on the past 2 weeks, its a Christening cake and cupcake set for a friend's little girl being Christened today. The theme was birds and owls with the invite being pink and chocolate brown (a bit hard to see in the scanned pic above).

The main cake was for immediate family only so I baked a 6'inch triple decker white mudcake, filled with vanilla buttercream and covered in white chocolate fondant. I then stippled the whole cake with pink royal icing to give it a rough textured look. The main owl, branches flowers and writing is also made from white choc fondant then the flowers and letters were brushed with pearl lustre dust to give it a shine. The side and back of the cake had various birds in different patterns prancing around. The cupcake stand is custom made using pink and brown fabric from Spotlight while the supports (not visible on the photo) was covered in fabric called "Birdie" by Moda

The 70 cupcakes were 50% chocolate mud with double chocolate buttercream icing and the other 50% white chocolate mud cupcakes covered in pink vanilla buttercream. I then handcut 23 birds and 23 owls (my cutters arrived too late in the post, so had to be handcut) and either gave them a texture (using my texture mats) or handpainted them using edible food colours. I also tried out an edible print sheet on white chocolate for the white birds (experimenting for my next project ;-))
I am extremely happy with how they all turned out, it looked stunning once all assembled and I loved doing this project. Most nerve wracking moment was when I had trouble covering the cake in white choc fondant, I just wasn't fast enough to get the creases out before the paste kept drying, after 5 attempts I managed to get it done. After a strong vodka and a chat to my cake teacher I found out that tall narrow cakes are the most difficult cakes to cover, even for the expert cake decorater (which I am most certainly not!) and that only practice will make me better at it.


  1. This is really gorgeous Leoni! You are so clever, I love your ideas, brilliant :)

  2. That is really brilliant, Leoni. I love how each cupcake is different and you handpaint the decorations. SO clever!

  3. Wow you look pretty expert at it to me. It's really gorgeous. Where did you get the cute bird cutter from?

  4. Thanks ladies.
    Linda, the birds and owls on this cake were hand drawn and then printed & cutout, I then used my cutout as a template on the fondant and chocolate. A bit tedious when you have to cut out 46 of the little pests ;-) I did buy a bird and owl cutter from Ebay (I think the bird came from Japan and the owl from the UK (vintage)) but they arrived too late for this project, so haven't used them yet.

  5. Leoni, this is absolutely amazing! Serious wow factor. You are too, too clever :)

  6. Thanks Leoni, free hand templates are great when you want something unique but they are a bit of a pain.

    I just adore the birds on the cupcakes, amazing.

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