Saturday, August 15, 2009

Selina's kitchen tea

So this is what little ole-me has been up to this week! I've been one very busy bee. I was invited to a friend's kitchen tea this afternoon and when I saw her lovely pink boxed invite I just knew I had to get her something equally special to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Since I will be making her main wedding cake next month I thought I'd give Selina a small tester cake to try out today so she could not only see what the cake would look like but also how it would taste. Ofcourse I just couldn't give her an undecorated cake ;-) so that was my excuse to whip up a lovely pink "camelia". Well it was meant to be a peony, but since I did not have a peony petal cutter I used my rose cutters instead and came up with this funny flower. Funny thing is I used a golf ball in the middle so the petals would keep their shape while drying and by George did I have a hard time removing the bugger after I was done! The cake is a simple caramel mudcake iced in vanilla butter cream icing. Cake stand made by me using crystals, lace and fabric getting my inspiration from the Marth Stewart website. Have a peek, its very easy to make. Funny thing is that I matched Selina's kitchen tea decor so closely its scary, like we read eachother's minds lol

Next was Selina's pressie, she wanted bedlinen or lingerie/sleepwear but after much searching everything looked either skanky, smutty or cheap. Well out came my trusty sewing machine and a visit to Lincraft where they had lovely satin and lace on sale and I whipped up my very 1st nighty. The picture is a bit crappy, as it looked really lovely in real life (and fitted!) and best of all it wasn't too hard to make. Even the husband was surprised I managed to make it myself and couldn't believe how lovely and luxurious it looked. I even had time to whip up some sleeping shorts in some Sandi Henderson fabric I had lying around but ran out of time when I wanted to make a matching top and knickers (next time!). This was all boxed in a matching (what else (rolls eyes)) pink box and ribbon. Hope Selina likes it.

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  1. Leoni, that's all amazing. you're no Martha.. you're way way better!