Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding of the year

Well Selina and Brad's wedding is over and I can have a little rest. Phew, what a busy week its been, baking, icing, sewing and more baking. Here is the lovely dress I got to wear on the big day, I was very pleased with how it turned out. My gorgeous dress was bought new from Ebay, Max Azria silk chiffon gown which I upstyled with vintage lace straps, mauve braid around the bustline and mauve and pink crystal beads and pearls on the bodice. It gave the dress a more vintage look to suit the wedding.

Close up of the mini cupcakes I baked. The mini cupcakes were vanilla sponge topped with white vanilla butter cream or cherry cream and topped off with a pink sugar rose, silver caucau and edible gitter.

Selina sent me some unpainted wooden dolls she had bought from Etsy and I used some Jo Sonja paint to re-create her lovely family. This cake topper was to go on the main wedding cake. Aren't they cute? If you aren't artistic or just plain lazy you can actually buy a custom made set from Etsy, but since we were on a budget and since I am not afraid of painting I decided to do them for her.

Here is the strawberry fondant with white choc hearts I made for the lolly buffet. I bought some mini heart silicon pans from a baking shop and first poured in the fondant, let it set and then poured over the cooled white chocolate. They were yummy!

100 minu cupcakes, they lasted all of 5 minutes lol

I apologise that the photo's are all over the place, still haven't worked out how to upload them in the order I want them to appear on my blog.

The completed wedding cake, triple layer caramel mudcake with vanilla butter cream icing topped with the wooden toppers and standing on a vintage crystal cake stand. I am a bit tired of caramel mud ;-) must bake something different next time.

Close up pic of my lovely dress, the flower and ribbon is actually a brooch that you can remove.


  1. its all very nice, you have done a fantastic job on all, and have inspired me.. Glad you and others had a lovely day at Sel's wedding, it looks all very nice and love your dress - just stunning! Blog looks good.

  2. I'm not tired of caramel mudcake! Never heard of this flavour actually, but am intrigued to try it. Do you have a recipe I can try? It sounds gorgeous!!