Friday, August 12, 2011

Spring birdy Christening cupcakes and cake

THREE weeks till SPRING!!!!! Yay, can you tell I can't wait lol :-))

So what is more perfect than a gorgeous spring Christening cake like the one I've just completed. Oh how I loved making this cake and cupcake set, this was so much fun. The theme is birds (well derrr lol) with a vintage, whimsical and Spring touch. I am so happy how this cake set turned out, it is exactly how I imagined it in my head.

Here is one of the bird fondant toppers I made, a bit different from the usual ones I made as I thought I needed to update my collection of designs. LOVE this colour!

Ah, the tweety cake topper. It's a mix of designs I've made in the past, part "A little Sweetness", and part "Debbie Brown" , isn't it cute?

The top tier is a 6' inch x 3 white mudcakes stacked, covered in white choc ganache and covered in pale pink fondant. The design is my own, the brief was dainty, bespoke, delicate with flowers and butteflies. I used Darla Rose fabric on the cupcake tower supports as the Christening favours were made from the same type of fabric.

A mix of cupcake toppers, some birds are hand painted, some used custom transfer sheets, and some were embossed. I also made some roses, blossoms and delicate butterflies. Cupcakes were lemon with lemon zest buttercream, raspberry with raspberry compote frosting and caramel with caramel-toffee buttercream. Yummmm!!!!!!

For the cupcake tower tutorial please see below :-))


  1. Oh gorgeous as usual Leonie!! I love the pink frill lace on the cake!

  2. Goodness, these are just so darling! Love how you incorporated the fabric prints!

  3. I love the pink frill lace on the cake!!!!Goodness, these are just so darling! Love how you incorporated the fabric prints! !!
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  4. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! youre very talented. im looking for inspiration for my little boys christening very inspired! x

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