Monday, August 29, 2011

Inviteme - Snow White party feature is the brainchild of two busy working mums Simone Norris and Amanda Edwards. Both were inspired and united by a love of beautiful things and driven by the desire to provide the kind of quality and originality they demanded for their own children – but could never find.

Inviteme is an online partyware store full of beautiful invitations, decorations and supplies for any occasion ~ birthdays of all ages, christenings, kitchen teas and more. So if you are looking for something but can't seem to find it then hop on over to the Inviteme online shop.

I wanted to share a gorgeous Snow White party these ladies threw for Simone's daughter Tessa who was a little Snow White "obsessed". Apparently Tessa wore her Snow White dress-up costume for six months straight, with the only washing opportunity arising after she’d gone to bed. She has worn three separate costumes into the ground and regularly points at pictures of Snow White in books crying out ‘Look, that’s me!” So a Snow White party theme was the only option to cure Tessa's obsession.

I think both ladies did a wonderful job bringing Snow White to life. I adore the gorgeous invite you can see above, simple and not overly "cutesy". How cute are those drinks labelled "Poison Potion", it even looks like poison, love it!

Some of the food included Fruits of the forest – fresh fruit including grapes, strawberries, and blueberries. Small bowls of lollies labelled ‘Ravishing Raspberries’ for jube raspberries; white jelly beans are ‘Snow White Drops’; Candy apple lollypops are ‘Candy Apples’; ‘Strawberries & Cream’ and adorable label toffee apples ‘Pick your poison apple’. Very clever indeed.

Love the take home favour boxes with Snow White tags, they look adorable.

I love this Miniature Snow White dolly varden birthday cake by Cakes of our lives. They also made the super lovely Cupcakes you can see above and the apple-shaped cookies on a stick and love-heart biscuits below.

Fun and frivolity, princess style, here are some of the activities that were done at the party

- Colouring in: To help our guests get in the party mood, we set up textas and pencils and had our guests start some colouring in.
- Pin the jewel on the crown: Draw up a stylised crown containing a large jewel. Attach the crown to a wall and give each guest a jewel. Write each guest’s name on their jewel and put some blue-tack on the back. Blindfold them, give them a couple of royal spins and tell them to stick the jewel on the crown.
- Treasure hunt: A winner every time, tell guests the Royal Family has lost their treasure and needs help finding it. Hide jewels, crowns, chocolate gold coins and other knick-knacks around the garden and ask everyone to return the lost items to the ‘treasure chest’ in the centre of the yard. Once everything has been found, let the royal gathering choose an item from the chest. The remaining items can act as prizes for other games.
- Pass the poison apple: A spin on ‘pass the parcel’, hand an apple around a group sitting in a circle and every time the music stops the person left holding the apple is removed from the game. Make them feel better about going out by inviting them to pick a prize from the treasure chest.


Cakes of Our Lives
Miniature Snow White dolly varden birthday cake
Cupcakes, apple-shaped cookies on a stick and love-heart biscuits

Details Details
Tins and black and white ribbon for take-home gifts
Green candy-striped straws

Cakes Around Town
White tin cake stands and lace-detailed cupcake wrappers

Styling, invites and party paperwork by INVITEME

You can find Inviteme's shop HERE or go to their BLOG or FACEBBOOK page to like them

Well done ladies, gorgeous party styling xxx


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