Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dora birthday cake

Look what I completed today, this lovely Dora cake for a 3yr old girl called Rebecca. Its a double stacked Butter sponge cake filled with strawberry buttercream (yum!!) and covered in white chocolate fondant (flavoured strawberry). I have to say I love this cake, it was so much fun to make.
That doesn't mean there weren't a few hiccups on the way, no-sir-ee I had a heck of a time sculpting good-ole Dora. After 3 attempts I finally managed to get her right, you won't realise till you actually make her that she's got a BIG head, with funny shaped eyes and a funny mouth. In the end I started with her feet and made her legs then shorts then waist then neck before lastly making her head. Boots wasn't too bad to make, just his tail gave me grief (kept breaking).

This is the back of Dora, see, I even made her backpack lol


  1. She's fabulous! I'll have to get the buttercream recipe off you, Hunter wants a strawberry cake for his birthday!

  2. Wow thats a gorgeously cutre cake! Love it

  3. I am blown away by your talent! Your work is amazing!!! I wish you lived around here when so I could hire you to do my kid's birthday cakes:) My little girl loves Dora and she would go crazy over this!

  4. Thank you Charla Anne, the feeling is mutual hence buying one of your gorgeous dolls ;-)