Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a busy week!

Jumping jelly fish but what a busy week! I've just completed this lovely Baptism cake and matching cupcake tower last night. The theme is circus clown (incase you couldn't tell lol) but in girly colours rather than the bright red, blue and green of the traditional circus. The cake consists of a double decker 10' Cadbury milkchoc mudcake as the base, with the "tent" made from a 6', 5' and 4' mudcakes. The cake was filled with Cadbury choc buttercream icing and covered in fondant (the tent part). I had so much fun making it and a few nervous moments when things did not go to plan. The cake was based on Debbie Brown's Knight in Armour tent from her Enchanting magical cakes book, the only trouble I had was with the tent roof (in the end I made a carboard template and made the roof from modelling paste, after drying I added it to the tent) and the fabric that makes up the walls of the tent. Debbie said to roll out the fondant quite thick and then add it as one piece to the cake, I found this a) added unnecessary extra weight to the cake and b) made the fabric look quite artificial, not nice and flowing. In the end I rolled the paste out nice and thin and added the fabric in sections, seams nicely hidden and added a Garrett frill border to hide the join to the cake.
For the cupcake tower I had to make 80 (yes 80!!!) chocolate sponge cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and 4 different toppers. The recipe used was from the Crabapple Cupcake bakery book, yummmmmm.

Here's the clown modelling paste keepsake I made, initially he was meant to go with the cake, but in the end it looked too "busy" so I decided he would look better on his own on the cupcake tower. He certainly was big enough to feature as the main topper on the tower.

Here's a close up view of the 4 different designs I did for the cupcakes. I loved doing the clown heads the best, since I had to do 20 of them they all looked the same but had different expressions which I quite liked.

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  1. gorgeous as always Leoni, I love looking at your blog, it is sheer eye candy :)