Sunday, April 11, 2010

Liandra's Christening

It was my youngest daughter's Christening day today, we finally bit the bullet and had her Christened just two months shy of her 2nd birthday. I wanted to make something simple for her Christening cake, I didn't have time to make anything fancier so this is the result. I just made a single tier (double cake)coconut cake, covered in orchard icing, the rocking horse was handcut from petinice and I used some stamps and royal icing to make the flowers and sadle. I also tried writing on my cake for the 1st time, so "wrote" a lovely Christening verse using edible textas around the circumfrence of the cake. It probably would have looked more spectacular had I popped the cake on a fully iced and be-ribboned cakeboard, but alas I had no time for that either. It tasted yummy and the girls loved it, which is what counts the most I suppose.

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