Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its been three years since I last painted....

Three years! What a long time not to pick up a paint brush. But after the arrival of my 3rd and 4th child, time just seemed to slip away from me and I never found a spare moment to paint anything. So since a good friend of mine was getting married and I wanted to give her something unique and handmade I jumped right in and did this painting. I was a bit apprehensive at the start, all that white space and what if I stuffed it up :-O It was a bit difficult at first, I had forgotten how quickly acrylic paint dries, I'd forgotten how to blend and shade my colours quickly and forgotten to "see" my subject. I ended up turning the painting upside down so I could see the colours properly and stop being so anal about the detail lol I only turned it right way up once I was finished.
I am happy with the result and thus wrapped it up with a big bow to give on the wedding day. I chose red because the recipient had a lot of red items on her gift registery list (that and brown), so hopefully she likes the colour and its not one she hates lol


  1. I LOVE it Leoni!!!!
    I almost cried when I opened it! I knew how long it had been since you painted and the fact that you picked up a brush just for me made me feel very very special! It is currently hanging in the kitchen and you will get an "official" thankyou in the next couple of weeks xoxox

  2. Its gorgeous Leoni - and the recepient clearly loves it too. ;-)
    As always, a stunning gift.

  3. that is amazing painting Leoni - have you thought of painting bigger paintings and selling them?? you are truely amazing.. very talented and creative lady.. well done! looks great..