Saturday, January 30, 2010

A gift for Sabrinah

Look at the lovely goodies I made Sabrinah for her up coming 1st birthday. These are felt cupcakes with buttons for cherries and beads for spinkles. I popped them in a cupcake window box complete with polkadot ribbon.
Nat asked me to create this birthday sign for Sabrinah's sweet shoppe party, the idea being that the sign could be kept as a keepsake afterwards. I used mixed media for the canvas, some items like the letter S and writing was painted on, while the cupcake and lollipop was made from felt.


  1. I love the cupcakes! Do you have any sites or tips for making felt food?

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    I am new to felt so don't have any good tips other than its super easy to make things with. I used the tutorial on this website to make the basic cupcake, but the rest I just improvised on as I knew in my mind what I wanted it to look like.

  3. Thanks soooooooooo much Leoni! The cupcakes were a lovely surprise. The sign was absolutely perfect. Her party was a huge success :) I kept the felt cupcakes in their box on the sweet shoppe table, I was concerned the younger kids might get to them. They will take place in her room with her sign though on her keepsake shelf.