Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Almost half way through the year already, some cakes done thus far

We celebrated one of my daughter's 8th birthday in the second week of February. She wanted a pool party, something to do with mermaids and her favourite colour purple to be included. After receiving the papergoods from Simply Sweet Parties and sending out the invite I started work on the cake design. A very tall double barrel caramel mudcake in seafoam green ombre ruffle waves with hand rolled pearls in white, green and copper. The mermaid took the longest to make as I hand cut all the scales individually for the tail. Lilac (salted caramel) macarons were from @Macarahrah while I made matching sugar cookies and Oreo fishy pops.

Two tier lemon buttercake Confirmation cake. Colours were teal, matt gold and hot pink open Peony. I colour matched the tissue pom pom decorations.

Three tier Sticky date and walnut Ballerina cake. Created for a birthday styled by the Sweet Society. I was asked to match the cake to the invites and paperie.
I loved making this cake, small children are always so much fun to create for :-) This two tier circus cake was created for a 1st birthday. I was also asked to create matching clown pops, cookies and cupcakes for the dessert table, with the paperie as inspiration.
Two tier Confirmation cake, top tier in Delphenium blue with matching stencil on the bottom tier. Created for The Sweet Society who wanted the cake to be elegant and simple.
 The most time consuming cake I've ever been asked to create!
Game of thrones 3 tier 30th birthday cake. Inspiration was the wedding crown, gown and embroidery done on all the characters clothes from the show. Bottom tier was an "embroidered"and beaded blue bird from Cersei Lannister's robed gown. Middle tier a bronzed 3D three headed dragon relief (representing Mother of all dragons Daenerys Targarye) and top tier based on Margaery Tyell’s wedding gown and ...tiara she wore at the purple wedding. The tiara took forever to make, all from modelling/flower paste. I had to create the base, let it dry, spray "paint" it gold (edible PME spray), then make the roses, let them dry before spraying them copper (PME edible copper) and lastly make the silver vines and thorns, before gently wrapping them within the crown.

Last April was my dad's 70th birthday, so to celebrate the big milestome I figured the cake had to be pretty special. My dad loves many things but most of all he loves going on holiday with my mum on a cruise. Since they were going on a 42 day cruise at the times as part of dad's birthday present I figured a Sea Princess cruise ship would be appropriate as cake. I only had about 24 hrs to carve, ganache and cover the cake (choc mud and vanilla buttercake) as we were going away as surprise for a few days with the whole family. I printed all the windows, logos and name of the ship on edible wafer paper to save time. I kept the details of the ship fairly simple as one could sit for hours and hours trying to copy each facet of the ship. Needless to say my dad was very happy with his cake and my children pretty impressed that it actually looked like a ship
Super cute two tier fox and cat cake (all edible) based on the birthday girl's two favourite soft toys Foxy and Basil. Here is also a sample of the matching cupcakes and pops, I had so much fun working on this theme
Two tier princess cake with the brief being simple/minimalistic, sophisticated, pink and sparkly like the invitation I was given as inspiration.
Adorable two tier teddy bear cake (Teddy design taken from the new Debbie Brown Baby cakes book). Created for a Baptism, styled by The Sweet Society, based on the invitation and paperie I was given as inspiration.
Chocolate mudcake farm cake. Figurines all made from fondant and barn also made from cake. (Original design by De La Rosa Cupcakes, slightly changed to suit a boy.)
Two tier frozen inspired castle cake for a 3rd birthday. My favourite part was the glitter topped spire roof and glitter snowflake door handles. All figurines made from fondant and 100% edible. Based on an earlier cake design that I made last year


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