Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cake, cake and MORE cake - Kikki K party

Well its been another busy few weeks in our household, school holidays came and went, a visit from MIL, hubby was home for 4 weeks and then plenty of cakes to make. Last week I had the honor of making Kikki K's 10 year anniversary cake, it wasn't only a massive challenge but a lot of fun. Today I was lucky enough to spot this article in The Sunday Age about my cake. How exciting!

I was asked to create edible stationary for a desk that would be on display at the main entrance of the venue. So I proceeded to make some folders, magazine holder, storage boxes, pens, scissors, to-do-list, rubber stamps, 3 am book and calculator. All up I was busy for 2 weeks prepping and making the sugar items and then 4 days non stop baking and covering of cakes. My poor oven still hasn't quite recovered lol I went through 22 kilos of fondant and about 50 eggs and I shudder to think how much butter and sugar went into all this :-)

Here is a close up of the 3am book and rubber stamps, 100% edible made from cookies and fondant.

My favourite item, cookie calculator covered in fondant and numbers + writing made from edible paper. It looked so real everyone kept touching it.

80 favour boxes made to look like miniature Kikki K storage boxes, these almost did my head in!! Thank you Kristina for believing in me and trusting me to make your cake, I am truly humbled xxx

This is another cake I completed yesterday, for a 40th birthday party. Oh how I struggled making this cake due to fatigue. I just could NOT for the life of me cover the main cake on Friday, I tried 3 times and gave up, then went on to making the toppers and ruined all the edible images beyond repair (all 21 of them!) and then burnt dinner. I had a good cry and called it a day. I did however wack another cake in the oven in case the 1st cake would collapse after being recovered for the 4th time. In the morning I managed to save the bottom part of the cake (the top was mangled after pulling off the icing) and I trimmed it + popped on the freshly baked cake I made the night before. This time I was able to cover the cake within 10 minutes. I baked the cupcakes, iced them, made the toppers and the topper for the cake all before 3pm, 1 hour before it was due PHEW! I originally was going to paint the image onto the cake with edible paste but due to time constraints had to settle for an edible image placed on a fondant plaque.

Close up of one of the cupcakes, edible image using blue bird design from Jesska Hoff's artwork. My husband was kind enough to hotfoot down to Boronia to get the edible images reprinted, this saved me a lot of time.

Another request I had was for these cute Super Hero cookies, cake and cupcakes for Little Sooties Super Hero party which was later featured on Amy Atlas :-) Thetis from Little Sooti had done a wonderful job styling the party :-)


  1. Wow!! I had to look very closely a couple of times to realize that the items on the desk are cakes! How did you do the magazine holder?
    And I know exactly how you must have felt making the 40th b-day cake...sometimes it can be so exhausting but it turned out beautifully!

  2. Leoni, you are amazing!

    I've blogged my images of your work over at -

    And are you on Twitter? I'm sure that people would love to follow your baking updates, I know that I do:)

  3. Thank you ladies, yes I am on twitter but I forget to update it lol. I prefer facebook :-)
    The magazine holder was quite tricky to make because I had to make sure it was well supported. I popped cardboard on the spine and bottom of the cake and covered those in fondant because I felt it might collapse if it stood up for long periods of time. Thankfully it survived the party ;-)

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