Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cat in the Hat cake

Do you love cake, and adore Dr. Seuss?
Do you struggle to bake, but only gawk like a goose?
Then, I have a surprise, that may well please,
Just feast your eyes, and take a gander at these!

Here is the Cat in the Hat cake I completed this afternoon. The bottom tier is 2 x 8" inch round stacked cakes and the top tier is 3 x 4" inch round stacked cakes. The flavour was choc marble mudcake with double choc buttercream frosting.

All the figurines are made from flower modelling sugar paste and the black markings are created using edible black pen.

I loved making the twins the most, they were so cute!!


  1. lovely! I love Dr Seuss! And am thanking my lucky stars that my girls have not asked me for a cat in the hat cake... yet :D
    You've done an amazing job, and thing one and thing two look just like the pictures! (but better, cos they're edible!)

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