Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone

Happy Easter everyone!! Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend with family and friends. We had a quiet day today with our 4 girls with lots of Easter crafts and an egg hunt in the afternoon.
This Easter I was inspired to create an Easter table for our family based on Mandy Sutcliffe's characters "Belle & Boo". I purchased Mandy's book "Bubbles Before Bed to do book" especially for Easter and was so in love with all the gorgeous drawings and activities that I knew a Belle & Boo Easter table would be a hit with my daughters. The Easter table is actually quite simple with lots of crafty items that any crafter can replicate, all you need to do is go through what you already have in your cupboards and perhaps look at your old furniture in a brand new light. I re-used our old drawer unit (I used it for my nieces bird party last December and it now sits in my eldest daughter's bedroom) and gave it a green coat (Dulux celery) of acrylic paint followed by crackle medium to make it look more vintagy.

I had an old wine box lying around which I covered in celery green Kona fabric and then wrapped in left over celery wool. This was used to give my flowers more hight on my table.

The cake was very easy, bottom tier is choc mud covered in milk choc fondant, top tier raspberry buttercake covered in embossed raspberry fondant. The topper is a wooden Boo brooch I bought from the Belle & Boo online shop, while the cuff of the bottom tier cake is just fluffy wool wound around the cake several times (I first popped a cardboard (or you can use acetate) "collar" around the bottom to avoid fluff sticking to my cake) and then finished of with a crochet flower brooch I already had (look familiar Selina? lol).

Gorgeous blue hydrangeas mixed with pale pink carnations in one of my vintage tea pots, I used this as my table centre piece. I was lucky enough to get the very last hydrangea for the season as they now don't flower anymore.

Cute hand knitted hunting egg bags with Belle & Boo badge attached to each bag, yep hand knitted by me! Those who know me know I do NOT knit, so it was quite a challenge to knit these simple squares and then fashion them into bags :-) But I did it!!

Wool covered MDF letter E, I saw this clever idea on Bump Smitten, so hop on over for a free tutorial. Ceramic bunny from Bed, Bath & Table.

Boo cupcakes, pistachio cupcakes topped with Rose flavoured Persian fairyfloss. Boo topper created using Dress Up Belle & Boo range.

Boo cookies on sticks, all hand cut since I couldn't find a cutter that looked like boo. Milk bottle from Shoppe with Lily, make sure to visit Lilian, she has AMAZING items for dessert tables and if you can't find what you are looking for just ask her! Belle & Boo dress up dolls from the Belle & Boo online shop.

One of the Easter crafts we did was colour eggs in gorgeous pastels. Now as some of you may know I struggled to find white chicken eggs since it seems they don't sell many here in Melbourne, in the end I used white duck eggs from the Asian grocer which are the size of a 800gr chicken egg and colour beautifully. Very happy with our results!

Rose flavoured macarons, not my best results but they would have to do ;-) Tag from Belle & Boo (came with my Boo wooden brooch)

What the Easter bunny left for the 4 girls this morning, all in a lovely canvas Boo repeat bag.

My gorgeous flowers with a Lindt bunny yummmmmmm Will have to hide these away from the girls ;-)


  1. Yum! And lol at the flower. It's still kicking!!
    Well done on the knitting too! ;)

  2. Wow. this is stunning. the little details make this table.
    I do have a favour to ask though. would you mind sharing how you did the wool covered mdf letter E?
    This is exactly what i want to do for my daughters room!

  3. Wow, wow, wow, please, I think what you have done is amazing, so very Belle & Boo, I have just added them to my blog with an Easter message and a link to your blog I do hope that is OK, Happy Easter, Mandy x

  4. Seriously, your work is just incredible. This would have to be the best Easter table I've seen. What a talent you have!!!

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments everyone.

    Mandy, ofcourse that is no problem, it's still your art, just in different format ;-) Happy Easter to you too.

    Sarah, you can find the wool covered MDF letter totorial here, I finally managed to track it down

  6. I do not think I have ever seen so much sweetness before, Leoni. You did a gorgeous job!
    Love your blog, I am your newest follower. Looking forward to your future posts.
    Have a wonderful new week xx

  7. Your ideas are so so sweet, I have added you to my side bar. I do not want to miss out on anything ;o)

  8. gorgeous, totally adorable and so classy :) Lovely to have found your blog through Mandy. Happy Easter, Catherine x

  9. Lovely everything! I think that my favourite part is the macaron one :)

  10. It's great to see that someone else got right into the Easter decorating :) I absolutely love everything you have created, especially the beautifully soft pastel nest and such a great tip to use the ducks eggs!!

  11. Thank you everyone.
    Aga, I was so pleased to have found the white duck eggs, I never thought it would have been so hard to locate white eggs. Oh well, atleast I know for next year that I better start visiting the Farmer's markets ahead of time so I can get my eggs early!

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