Saturday, March 12, 2011

Axel's airplane birthday cake, cookies & pops

As most of you all know I LOVE and ADORE anything to do with Kikki K, in fact my husband keeps a close eye on my credit card statements to see how many times I visit my local Kikki shop and I am blushing to say it is a lot. Well imagine my surprise and sheer delight when Kristina Karlsson, the founder and owner of Kikki K contacted me to ask if I was free to create a cake for her son Axel's 3rd birthday. So after first thinking the email was a hoax and then promptly passing out at my desk followed by some squeels of delight I went about planning for the cake, some biscuits and some pops. Kristina created the adorable invite above and said Axel loves planes, especially Qantas and since Kikki K has a kids travel - RESA range, Kristina requested that everything be plane orientated. Since I was making 4 items for the table anyway (Kristina would be styling the party and table herself) I just could not resist creating a mini airplane dessert table myself. The only rule I had was that I had to use items I already had or handmake it myself to keep costs down. This is what I came up with.
Do you recognise the backdrop? Yep, I recycled Anya's canvas frames from her polka dot party I styled in July last year, I even kept the fabric just added some felt fluffy clouds (I blanket stitched them on my machine, added some fabric adhesive membrane and ironed them onto the canvas), a felt airplane and some cute stitching (running stitch) to spell out Axel. All felts and materials used I had lying around in my sewing baskets. The "tablecloth" is actually a scrap piece of Cath Kidston fabric I had lying around, it was an exact match to the canvas.

Here are the goodies Kristina bought as favours for her guests. Cute mini suitcases from Baby's got style, (probably cleared out all their stock lol) bag tag, colouring book + pencils and pencil case from Kikki's RESA range along with an airplane cookie I made. This was popped in the "baggage claim" area of the party table.

Here is Axel's birthday cake, its a cross between Planet cake's airplane cake and a Qantas jumbo. The body of the cake is vanilla buttercake, the wings are made from biscuit covered in vanilla Satin ice, while the tail and tail fins are made from fondant. The engines were made from coconut ice since I needed somthing solid yet edible to hold up the heavy wings. In the end this cake weighed a tonne!

The mini suitcases are also something I already had, they were left overs from Imara's back to school party. I re-used them here to add hight to my items.

The cloud cookies were one of the items created for Axels' party, I thought they were rather cute. The tin is recycled I just added some striped paper I printed using the invitation as my inspiration, very simple yet effective.

The drink bottles are also recycled from a previous party, I used some blue cordial + water (called it Jet fuel) to fill them up added some blue stripy straws I had lying around (cheapie ones from Coles) and a cute airplane cutout that I printed out and handcut then fastened to each straw. The airplane cookies were for Axel's party table and favour suitcases.

Marshmallow propeller pops were another item for Axel's party, these are just plain white ones dipped in white chocolate (coloured red) with fondant propellers. The square foam stand was a spare I had lying around, once again I printed out some stripy paper to dress them up.
I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely, warm and genuine Kristina while delivering all the items and I must say Kristina did a stellar job in styling her party room, the decorations were gorgeous and the table just perfect and beautiful. I am hoping to see some of Axel's party pics in the near future, if I do I might snaffle some to pop on my blog ;-)

Now for a nano break, and onto the next party........


  1. Everything looked lovely! You did such an incredible job with the cake. Love the idea of the marshmallow propeller pops. Can't tell that a lot of the items were recycled from other other parties.

  2. Gorgeous as usual! I love that you have recycled items too that is a talent in it's self.

  3. fantastic!!! I love the cloud cookies, simple, gorgeous, perfect

  4. Thank you everyone, had a lot of fun creating this ;-) With 4 daughters I don't get much of a chance to create for boys!

  5. What an awesome party, job well done! Can I ask were is the best place to purchase styrofoam for the cake pops?

  6. I buy mine from a cake decorating shop but you can also buy them online from "Cakes around town". Spotlight also has them, but they are the most expensive there.

  7. Congratulations, Leoni! A wonderful blog all round. I have to say I'm totally impressed with the way your beautiful pics can be enlarged twice! It's such a pleasure being able to see everything in detail.
    Another Aussie Crafter.

  8. oh my goodness! This party is SOO cute! I love all the details. Very well done!

  9. I am in LOVE with your ideas!!! My son's 2nd birthday is coming up and we're doing an airplane themed party. You have done an amazingly beautiful job with every single details. Well done and thanks for sharing!
    Just wondering what you meant by the wings are out of biscuit? What kind of biscuit (brand, size). What is coconut ice that was used for the engines? Thanks again for inspiring me!!

  10. Thank you everyone.
    Chris/Kristy - I custom made the wings out of sugar cookies, so I made the dough and a template of the wings then cut 2 x wings out of my rolled out dough and baked them both till golden brown. This made the wings more sturdy and easier to work with. Coconut ice is a sweet we have here in Australia made from dessicated coconut, icing sugar and sweetened condensed milk. It's usually spread onto a cookie sheet and then cut into squares once set (like a slice) but I found if you add some melted white chocolate to the mixture it becomes very pliable and can be shaped into anything you like. Once it sets its very firm and hold its shape with the inside still being moist and fresh.

  11. Great party decor ! The cake is totally awesome, and the cloud cookie idea is just perfect ! It will be a perfect pair with airplane cookie :)

  12. These items are adorable! Thank you for sharing. For the propeller pops, did you have a cutter for the fondant propellers, or did you do it freehand? Also, what did you use for the blue ring in the center? Thank you! - Teresa

  13. Hi Teresa,
    The propellers were cut using a daisy flower cutter, once the flower was cut out I chopped off the petals and used them as propellers. The blue ring is just a blob of blue fondant and I stuck the end of a paint brush in the middle to create the "dint".

  14. This is an ADORABLE party. I love everything about it. I'm featuring this post on my Celebration Sundays - Airplane Party Theme today. Enjoy!! Thanks, Nichi - The Mandatory Mooch


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