Saturday, July 31, 2010

Holy Communion cupcakes and cake set

The weekend of the 24th July was very busy for me, not only was it my eldest daughters birthday (think 24 cupcakes for the whole class) but I also had two Communion projects to complete. One was for a lovely girl called Bronte, I made her the set of cupcakes above in pink, yellow and blue, while the other set was for a boy called Nicholas.
Please excuse the terrible photo's, I had one of my chocolate panels break at the eleventh hour and went into a mad panic rush to make another one before delivery time. So instead of getting lovely clear and unhuried pics at 4pm I got these done in a rush at 6pm on my kitchen bench. The cake was a 2 tier baked New York cheesecake surrounded by chocolate panels, the cupcakes were plain vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Here is a close up of the figurine I made, I am very happy of how he turned out, he's my very 1st "suited" figurine, and very 1st standing figurine.


  1. Lovely! I am so enjoying your blog and your creations!

  2. Thank you Susan, I am trying to blog a bit more often, my 2011 New year's resolution ;-)