Friday, March 26, 2010

Owl cupcakes

Oh how I LOVED making these, I had a blast experimenting with different patterns and embosing mats. I made this set of 6 cupcakes for Anya's yr 4 teacher as it was her birthday today. Three were vanilla buttercream sponge cupcakes and three were chocolate cupcakes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find an owl cutter online anywhere, well not one I liked so I made some sketches and created my owl "stencil" out of cardboard. It just meant more work for me as I hand cut each owl. The patterns on the owl were created using rubber stamps, embossing mats or coloured paste with water.
Since I was already busy making the above box of goodies I also created this tester box for a potential customer who is deciding on a Christening cake for her daughter. Once again the birdies were hand cut since I don't have a ready made cutter available. The white stiples on the owl was made using royal icing and a number 1 tip in an icing bag.


  1. looking great.. love the little birds and owls

  2. I'm in awe! Amazing decorating skills.

  3. LOVE your cupcake decorations!!!