Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Last week my cake decorating classes started back up again. I asked my teacher if I could please learn how to make roses as I've attempted them before in the past and they were very clunky not to mention ugly. Well I learned my 1st mistake (out of many lol) was that I used the wrong fondant, instead of using the store bought Orchard icing I SHOULD have used either modelling paste or flower paste (derrrr Leoni) So after a bit of practice (rolling out the paste VERY thinly) and a few boo-boo's I made the above roses. Not bad for a 1st attempt, quite proud of the result, I was told by my teacher the more I make the better I'll get, so I better keep practicing ;-)

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  1. I do have some Ikea Rosali blue,red white check.
    How much did you need?
    You can email is on my blog.

    Sal ;-)