Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some more crafting this week

This week has been very busy once again by way of crafting. We have a special visitor coming over and he has two lovely children (boy and girl) I was able to buy something unique for the boy but struggled for the girl so decided to make this reversable pinafore dress. My very 1st reversable dress I might add. I used some lovely Ikea fabric on one side with polka dot binding around the hem. Even the button holes went smoothly this time, I was pertified I'd stuff it up.

On the reverse side is Michael Miller red check with an applique M in lime green. The dress is not perfect (I need to practice keeping my hand steady and be a bit neater when I sew) but it fitted perfectly (actually looks better in real life, in the photo it looks a bit big).

I also made some matching flag bunting out of some fabric scraps. I love the colour combo.
Anyway, enough sewing for now, I must get back to finishing the fondant cake toppers for Annike's birthday cake, only 2 weeks left to go, yikes!

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